Questions For Your Doctor

Questions Regarding Daily Living

  • Do you recommend a Dietary Vitamin Regimen?
  • Will my Child be able to continue their currant lifestyle?
  • Are their any Activities that need to be avoided?
  • Is their anything that needs to be Modified?
  • Can you recommend any Parent Support Groups in the Area?
  • Are their any Child friendly books that can explain to Siblings what is going on?

Questions Regarding Medications

  • What Medications will my Child be on?
  • How do these Drugs Interact with one another?
  • What if any are the Side Effects of these Drugs?
  • What is the next step if the Medications do NOT control the Seizures?
  • Will the Medications affect my Child’s Development?
  • Will the Medications affect my Child’s School Performance?

Questions Regarding Emergencies

  • What should be done in an Emergency if my Child’s Seizures do NOT stop?
  • Do I need Emergency Medications on hand?
  • In an Emergency, What is the Chain of Command?
  • Who do I call first after 911, Pediatrician, Neurologist/Epileptologist?
  • How do I reach you in an Emergency?

The following questions need to be answered

  • What kind of Epilepsy is it?
  • Where in the Brain are the Seizures coming from?
  • What can we Expect as far as Seizures?
  • Are their changing types of Seizures based on Diagnosis?
  • What is the outlook for my child?
  • Can or Will my Child Outgrow this Epilepsy?
  • What kind of Outcomes have you seen with my Child’s Type of Epilepsy?
  • Does my Child need to be in an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit?
  • Can you Recommend a Good and Reputable Epilepsy Monitoring Unit if needed?

Questions Regarding Diagnostic/Laboratory Testing

  • What exactly did the EEG show?
  • How often should my child have an EEG?
  • Is anymore Diagnostic Testing such as an MRI or VEEG required?
  • How often should we have Blood Work done if we are on Medications to check our Child’s liver
    and or kidney function?
  • What is an EEG and What does it tell us?
  • What is a VEEG and what does it tell us?
  • What are you specifically looking for and expect it to tell us?
  • What Other Testing is useful?
  • Sleep Studies to check for Seizures while Sleeping?

Parents, I highly recommend that all and any people you use or hire for babysitters / caregivers are certified and up to date in CPR. Make it mandatory!