Parents, Caregivers of Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults whom suffer from Seizures, have been diagnosed with Epilepsy, Dravets Syndrome, LGS so that we can spread awareness and TALK ABOUT EPILEPSY and bring an end to this horrible infliction that affects all of us.

We are a new Foundation with a substantial mission, indeed. With your help, however, we can work together to address the ever-growing needs for advocacy and research as well as lift the societal burdens and physical limitations brought about by Epilepsy.

All funds raised for The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation through fundraising or donations benefit not only our foundation but our warrior ambassador families. These families are chosen by us and will be supported over the course of a year to help alleviate some of the financial struggles they face in the daily living and management of epilepsy.

The Benefits of Working and Partnering With Us

Should you know of any Corporations/Businesses that may be interested in partnering with us in the form of sponsorship here are  the “Benefits of Partnering with the Epilepsy Warriors:”

  • We work through you. You stay in control of your client relationships; we’re here to help serve your clients’ charitable giving needs.
  • We help you build stronger relationships. Your Clients, Customers and Employees will appreciate the charitable impact and tax advantages you help them achieve by working with us.
  • We help you connect across generations. When you help families for example, you begin an ongoing process of involvement with current and future generations.
  • We partner with you. We provide support, information, and expertise around charitable giving options.
  • We utilize social media to connect with parents, families, caregivers, companies we can spread awareness about the research being done and why it’s so gravely needed and important to support and fund.
  •  We establish and create a cause related marketing campaign that would not only benefit your company but the Foundation as well.
  •  With your company  contributing goods and services in the form of some type of sponsorship capacity for events we hold i.e.; walks Fundraisers we as a Foundation would, in return, promote your company and their desire to improve the life of children and families with epilepsy .

Giving back to the Community is important to me

Epilepsy Resource Centers: To provide help or support for parents in guiding them to a local Epilepsy Resource Center  in their local communities where they can go for resources and or help if needed. Events activities that offer both support and help raise or spread awareness is what we as a foundation believe is beneficial to not only parents, caregivers and families but also the community. It is through these resource centers that we can and hope to achieve a level of support and services offered to bring families and the community together.

Some of the most typical issues that would bring families or those with epilepsy to a resource center would include the following:

  • Diagnosis of Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Side effects of Epilepsy Medications
  • School related issues including assistance with IEP’s and or 504 plans for children with special needs
  • Social and behavioral issues

Transitional issues that our young people and teens often face with living with Epilepsy.

Epilepsy Family Support Groups: Parenting Children with Special Needs can be challenging and a support group is a great opportunity for other parents and caregivers to come together and share similar experiences but also find comfort support and strength in those that truly do understand what they face and go through each day. It also provides a level of support so that one can raise healthy and happy children and show that yes our children may have epilepsy or a special need but that does not define who they are. 

To assist families in all communities in need of a service dog, Emfit Monitors, Assist families in getting the necessary helmets needed for their children that are required to have one.

College Scholarships: Our goal is to in the future on a yearly basis award one or more well-deserving graduate entering medical school studying in Neurology and Neurosciences.

Epilepsy Lectures: Getting together Doctors and Neuroscientists to discuss the latest in technology in the area of Epilepsy.  Epilepsy Workshops: We will help plan and support informative, educational workshops for parents, caregivers, teachers, school nurses, the medical community and those touched by epilepsy focusing on epilepsy management, identifying seizure activity, the effects of seizures on learning and cognitive development, safety protocol,  seizure medications and the side effects.

With Gratitude,

Susan J. Noble
The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation