Susan-BioSusan J. Noble – Founder/President

As President and Founder of the Epilepsy Warriors, I, Susan Noble, am striving to reach as many people within all communities to help educate and bring an end to the stigma of epilepsy. It takes teamwork. It involves supporting each other in all efforts. It means showing the world that epilepsy is so worth researching, fighting for, and funding. We are all fighting for a CURE for our children and those “Living with Epilepsy” every day.

We are a new foundation one with a passionate vision. This vision will light our path, and guide us towards our goals of “enlightening, empowering and curing. 100% of the Funds raised by our foundation will go to those families in the communities that are in need of our help to assist them with the daily living expenses and management of this disease.

The goal is to provide a level of support and services to family’s communities at large.

Annmarie Fanning

Annmarie Fanning is a loving wife to Mike and mother of their handsome son, Logan. They reside in a small Indiana city, about an hour outside of Chicago. She has her Master’s degree in Business Administration with a Healthcare Concentration from Davenport University and her Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Behavioral Sciences. She has worked 25+ years in a healthcare field with the majority of those years working for adults and children with developmental disabilities, many of whom suffered in one way or another with a form of epilepsy.

The Fanning’s son, Logan experienced his first seizure when he was 18 months of age, in 2008. Since then, Logan has been on numerous trials of different medications. He has been in and out of hospitals, ERs, laboratories, doctor offices and EEG clinics. Logan is diagnosed with Autism and Intractable Epilepsy, a seizure disorder in which a patient’s seizures fail to come under control with treatment.

In 2012, Logan had his first Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) implant. 2014, Logan underwent two laser brain ablation surgeries, with the hopes to minimize the number of active seizures. 2016, Logan had surgery to replace the battery in his VNS. I have created a Facebook page, “Logan’s Link” for our son that mentions some of his daily struggles and experiences in his life with epilepsy.

Our family is an Epilepsy Warrior Family. It is my goal to be able to help others going through similar circumstances as we have. I want to increase awareness of epilepsy and SUDEP. It is an honor to be on the Board of The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation, and be able to assist and advocate for epilepsy awareness!

Matthew Karastamatis

Matthew Karastamatis was born and raised in Fort Myers, FL. He graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. He is an avid sports fan and very active in his community. He enjoys playing golf, playing and watching baseball, and spending time with friends and family. Matthew has volunteered for numerous organizations over the years and truly loves giving back. He currently works as a server and fishmonger at The Prawnbroker Restaurant and Fish Market in Fort Myers, FL. But, his true passion and day job is custom apparel. He is the sales manager at WearTheFund Giveback Apparel. They specialize in screen-printing, embroidery, promotional products, and graphic design. With every sale WearTheFund gives 5% back to one or all of it’s 50 charitable partners.

The Epilepsy Warriors Foundation is partnered with WearTheFund and has a special place in Matt’s heart. His girlfriend, Christina Beck, suffers from the terrible disease. Matt has seen the damage this terrible disease can do and is passionate about giving back and being able to help anyone who suffers from Epilepsy and their families through his work.