Another one of our inspiring Warrior Ambassador Families:

Gerald & Jennifer
Liam Age 10
Kathleen Age 8 Turning 9 in September

One day on my way home while talking to my husband on the phone Kate got on and said her arm hurt and would I please hurry home. I told her I’d be home in a few minutes which I was. When I walked in the door my husband had her in his arms and was on the phone frantic with 911. I noticed that she was turning blue and frothing at the mouth. I put her on the floor next to an air vent thinking she must have a fever and overheated. I remember staring at her just waiting to start CPR and so thankful when help arrived. She was 2 years old and such a little peanut. I remember the ride in the ambulance and the looks on their faces, she wasn’t coming out of it and I knew it wasn’t good. I was beyond terrified.

Kate is now 9 and doing much better but unfortunately, the fear never leaves. Between different Drs, different diagnoses, misdiagnoses and treatment options being out of reach financially it’s always lurking in the back round. I’ve had to switch meds not because they stopped working but because we couldn’t afford to pay over five hundred dollars for just one medicine. The medicine worked but insurance companies don’t always cover the meds. With our older child being autistic we are no strangers to insurance companies not covering treatment options but to have to choose which child gets medically what they need this month is just wrong. The stress is overwhelming. In the past 10 years, we have been only been able to go on vacation 2x because everything revolves around money and time for therapy and treatment or Drs.

What I hate most about epilepsy is the lack of answers and treatments. The way it dominates her life dictating what she can and can’t do. We work hard to care for our children but there’s never enough money to cover the costs and that breaks my heart. I wish there were more treatment options and answers available to everyone. I really wish I knew what was going on with my Daughter medically and that the cure wasn’t worse than the disease. The financial hardships it puts on us as parents hard often time it’s not fair. Parents should not have to choose. Some of her Doctors are out of network and

some of the meds not being covered really hurts us as well as many other families I am sure.

I love my kids every day is a new learning experience every day they show me just how precious life is. What I want most is to see more useful research and treatment options for epilepsy and to be able to connect with others who are going through what we are, to learn from them as everyone is different. That, in turn, would allow us to help others and offer that help to those just beginning this epilepsy journey.

If you would like to help us or any of the Ambassador Warrior families chosen through the Epilepsy Warriors Foundations Ambassador Program you can do so through this website. Thank you for your support, understanding towards all of us.