When I first started the Epilepsy Warriors my goal was to make a difference in the lives of those that suffer from Epilepsy/Seizures I felt that by concentrating on the children that I was doing that. I thought I knew just how much epilepsy affected the children with it but also their families, their siblings. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to watch an amazing documentary called “In the Land of Canaan” WOW it truly was an eye opener trust me you need to see this documentary and you will need a ton of Kleenex. I thank one of my Warrior Moms for bringing it to my attention.

To say we can understand is an understatement this documentary was a true testament to what every family with a special needs child goes through from the emotions to the everyday living and management. Each of our families just wants what is best for their child like we all do but what they want most of all is for their children to be accepted for who they are not what their disability is.

The platform of the Epilepsy Warriors Foundation is the Family and I am so excited to announce that we as a foundation will be mentoring supporting some amazing families over the course of this next year. Our goal is to help them through fundraising as well as donations getting them the help they so desperately need with the day to day living management of epilepsy. For these families the struggle truly is real. Over the course of the next few weeks, you will get to know each family on an individual basis what they struggle with, what they wish for, and what they want you and the community to know most about epilepsy.

Did you know that it can cost $1600 a month alone for meds and doctors’ appointments, testing? Did you know a parent can spend $900 a month for a 30 day supply of medication and for some it’s even more and insurance does not always cover it either? Did you know that many families lose their homes, or can’t fix things in their homes because of the expenses incurred by a special needs child or family member which in turn makes it difficult to add things to the home like a bathroom that is special needs accessible for wheelchair bound kids? Did you know it

Did you know that siblings often get left out not intentionally but because when you have a child with special needs all the attention is and has to be focused on that child so often times siblings don’t get to do the things they would like to do because of financial constraints?

It is my hope that this year we can do what we can to help alleviate some of the financial burden placed upon these families to help them get some of the things needed most, it’s hard to put into words when you read stories about how you wish you did not have to wait until pay day to buy groceries or the everyday essentials. When you read stories about how it’s constant worry, a constant struggle, how driving from one end of town to another makes the simplest thing such as gas for your car become an issue because you can’t keep up.

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes that same village to raise a special needs child, to love and care for them, to accept them. To see the beauty in them through their eyes. Special needs children are gifts from God their parents are their biggest and greatest blessing. I have always said that God chooses these parents because he knows they will fight to the ends of the earth for the children. God doesn’t choose the qualified, he qualifies the chosen.

I am honored to introduce our amazing warrior families that despite all the hardships, struggles, they not only maintain a positive upbeat attitude but also never hesitate to help when called. Their faith in God and his goodness is something we can all be inspired by.

Our Warrior Ambassadors are:

Jeff & Stacy Fulkerson Parents of James age 6 ½
Jeff & Lisa Weiss Parents of Sophie age 10
Steve & Jeanette Johnson Parents of Grace age 12
Patrick and Georgean Hillyer Parents of Aaliyah age 12
Rhiannon Hewitt Mother of Robbie-Robbie sadly passed away July 2, 2015 at the age of 13
Mark & Laura Pentecost Parents of Parker 6
Trina Kennedy Mom of Hunter age 15
Frank & Kristen Eaton Parents of Kinzley age 3
Gerald & Jennifer Petri Parents of Kathleen (Kate) age 9
Mike & Annmarie Fanning Parents of Logan Age 9 (turning 10) August 29th

For more information on Epilepsy what you can do if you should see someone having a Seizure or to donate to help our families go to our website at www.epilepsywarriors.org

If you would like to get involved with the Epilepsy Warriors, do not hesitate to contact us.