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Exclusive Interview with Author Chris Matthews

Chris Maxwell served 19 years as lead pastor in Orlando, Florida, after five years of youth ministry. He’s now in his thirteenth year as Campus Pastor and Director of Spiritual Life at Emmanuel College. He speaks in churches, conventions, and schools, and is the author of nine books, including “Pause with Jesus,” “Underwater,” and his latest, “A Slow and Sudden God: 40 Years of Wonder.”

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Featured Families

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  • MaKenna – April 7th
  • Malichi – April 9th 15yrs old
  • Emilia – April 12th 5yrs old
  • Zoe – April 11th 13yrs old
  • Jake – April 26th 23yrs old
  • Dylan – April 27th 23yrs old
  • Alexis – April 28th 19yrs old
  • Olivia – April 5th 1yrs old
  • Matt – April 7th
  • Devin – April 13th 16yrs old
  • Kassidy – April 15th 4yrs old
  • Tiffany – April 23th 16yrs old
  • Bella – April 29th 7yrs old
  • Olivia – May 5th 18yrs old
  • Grace – May 28th 18yrs old
  • Lisa – May 3rd
  • Nick – May 22nd 11yrs old

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