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Please when offering advice to members try not to give direct medical advice. Everyone’s situation is different and direct medical advice can be harmful or may cause harm to the person you are giving it to.  We do love for you to speak from personal experience in telling people what worked for you but please do not direct him/her to do the same thing.  WE ARE NOT DOCTORS!  A post like this will be deleted, and the poster will be warned by an inbox message.  Repeated posts like this can result in expulsion. If you are in the medical field in any way, such as nursing, pharmacy etc….this is means that you do have the ability to give medical advice within the purview of your chosen field and will be considered an exception to this rule 🙂 

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Please remember that everyone on our social media sites is allowed to vent voice their opinions etc so we need to agree to disagree and not let things get out of hand or control. Every ones opinion is valued but must be respected even if one does not agree.

No FOUL LANGUAGE will be tolerated or allowed on this social media pages as there are teens and young adults on the pages. Please refrain from posting NASTY COMMENTS, UNKIND WORDS about members you are ultimately responsible for what you post but will also be held accountable for what YOUR friends post regarding other people or members of this these pages whether on this page or their own.

We take pride in our social media pages being DRAMA FREE this is about the families and our children not about us.This is a place to come for resources information, support and guidance. A place to know that you are welcome, cared for and about.

PETTY JEALOUSY NOT ALLOWED or tolerated fastest way to be removed from the group is for causing un necessary and unwanted drama.

We do not condone in anyway the harassment, abuse or threatening of our members or other people. If you disagree with someone, respond to the issue at hand, not the person. These actions will result in your being banned from the sites.

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Due to our website being copyrighted no use of the information on our website may be used on other websites, social media pages, or any other areas without WRITTEN CONSENT and PERMISSION from either myself or a member of our foundations board. Anything that is granted permission must have some type of disclosure as to where the information came from. This is required by most websites and is the respectful and courteous thing to do.

We also are currently going through the trademark process for not only our logo, but the name “EPILEPSY WARRIORS”  in association with our foundation so it cannot be used on any other marketing, flyers, brochures, etc without prior written consent and permission as to protect us legally from anyone trying to profit of our foundation but also to protect all including members our foundation who donate and have donated.

This is due to other individuals using our name and foundation as a way to collect donations and other items that we are not in anyway involved with and also setting up other social media sites as us. This has been brought to my attention recently through phone calls and it greatly affects our reputation, as well as the trademark process so on the advice of our counsel and to protect us legally from anyone trying to profit from our foundation but also to protect all members and those who donate and have donated we ask that you be respectful of our wishes and show us the courtesy by asking permission before using our logo, our name for anything outside our group.

I take this foundation very seriously it means more to me than you may realize and it only takes 1 wrong incident to bring it down. It also no longer just affects me but also the person I chose to take over ownership later on. That is why we and the other parties involved made the decision to trademark our name.

If you want to use our name for things you would like to do for us or to help promote awareness  then please give us the courtesy of asking permission and contact me and I am most willing to help anyway I can. If you want to use for something un related to us to attract attention for something you wish to do outside the group then submit a written request and I will review along with our board on a case by case basis.

No Sharing of anyone’s pictures from our social media pages without the permission or consent from both the original owners and the Epilepsy Warriors Foundation.


Fundraising and or any donation requests for the Epilepsy Warriors Foundation is always appreciated. If you are part of another organization and would like to Fundraise and ask for Donations for different events you are having we ask that you put those on our facebook social media FAN page as we would like to keep our group page for raising awareness about the Epilepsy Warriors Foundation. We would like to help in any way we possibly can so please utilize our fan page!

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